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    • Guía práctica de convivencia para familiares de adolescentes que presentan el Trastorno Bipolar 

      Del Valle Carro, Paula; Zúñiga Montero, Fabiana; Hernández Méndez, Raquel (2012-08-21)
      Bipolar Disorder involves emotional, behavioral and cognitive changes which range from two extremes, mania and depression. These poles are called episodes and can occur in different intensity, duration and repetition. The ...
    • Retorno del psicoanálisis como erotología 

      Marín Villalobos, Edgar Roberto; Masís Méndez, María José (2012-08-21)
      The issue of eroticism takes its rightful place within psychoanalysis again. Taking the sexual distinction (male female) as a starting point, Allouch makes reference to these topics, leading the readers into a trip in which ...