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    • Algoritmos evolutivos en la solución de problemas de estimación de parámetros 

      Marrero Severo, Aymée de los Ángeles; Pedroso Rodríguez, Liuva M.; Barrios Ginart, Jorge (2009-02-20)
      The global problem to determine the values of some parameters in dynamicalmodels knowing experimental results is frequently known as Parameters EstimationProblem and it appears in many areas of sciences. So is clear that ...
    • Parameter Estimation in HIV/AIDS Epidemiological Models. 

      Barrios Ginart, Jorge; Marrero Severo, Aymée de los Ángeles; Díaz Romañach, Marta Lourdes Baguer; de Arazoza Rodríguez, Héctor (2010-07-02)
      The validation process of mathematical models that describe practical applications usually implies the estimation of the unknown parameters that are involved. In this work, in order to estimates these parameters in the ...