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    • Generadores de números primos y factorizadores de números compuestos 

      Bulat, Mijail; Leon, Dumitru; Bivol, Leon; Ciobanu, Iacob; Zgureanu, Aurel (2009-02-20)
      The sequence of natural numbers presents itself as a multidimensional array. Twoproblems are solved on the basis of these arrays:a) distribution of prime numbers in multidimensional array,b) factoring of composite numbers.For ...
    • Isomorfismo de Conjuntos de Relaciones 

      Bulat, Mijail (2012-04-26)
      It is recommended to use a solving method for relations sets in order to solve the isomorphism problem. This method allows to solve the same problem for big size graphs, homogeneous graphs, graph systems, k-signs logic ...
    • Isomorfismo de grafos y de funciones lógicas con algunas aplicaciones 

      Bulat, Mijail (2009-02-18)
      A method to solve the isomorphism problem for graphs is suggested, which significantly decreases the number of variants to be checked. Based on the substitution of two successions, the necessary and sufficient conditions ...