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    • Algunos aspectos teóricos de las funciones casi periódicas n-dimensionales 

      Arguedas Troyo, Vernor; Castro Fernández, Edwin (2009-02-19)
      We five a definition of Almost Periodic Functions on Ñ N. Following that definition we show some topological properties for this functions. At the end of this paper we proof some algebraic properties by using the structure ...
    • Funciones periódicas, cuasiperiódicas y clasificación de funciones 

      Castro Fernández, Edwin (2009-02-18)
      In this work we present some significative sets of functions. Following the ideas of [2] we introduce the almost periodic functions and its elementary properties. Based in [12] we give a clasification of the sets.
    • Some Aspects in n-dimensional almost Periodic functions iii 

      Arguedas Troyo, Vernor; Castro Fernández, Edwin (2011-04-29)
      The properties of almost periodical functions and some new results have been published in [CA1], [CA2] and [CA3] In this paper we show some new definitions in order to analize some singularities. For this functions we find ...