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    • About the exact and asymptotic distribution of the Gini coefficient 

      Martínez Camblor, Pablo; Corral, Norberto (2010-04-09)
      In this paper we deal with the distribution of the Gini Concentration Index (G).We derive its exact sample distribution which is useful only for small sample sizesand basing on the classic results for L-statistics of Egorov ...
    • On the Cramér–Von Mises Statistic 

      Martínez Camblor, Pablo; Carleos, Carlos; Corral, Norberto (2012-03-11)
      Probably, one of the most useful criterions in order to compare distribution functions is the one introduced by the researchers Harald Cramér and Richard Edler von Mises which is known as Cramérvon Mises criterion $(C_M)$. ...