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    • Funciones periódicas, cuasiperiódicas y clasificación de funciones 

      Castro Fernández, Edwin (2009-02-18)
      In this work we present some significative sets of functions. Following the ideas of [2] we introduce the almost periodic functions and its elementary properties. Based in [12] we give a clasification of the sets.
    • Generación de reglas estadísticas a partir de grandes bases de datos 

      Schektman, Yves; Trejos Zelaya, Javier; Troupé, Marylène (2009-02-18)
      Given a set of categorical variables, we want to predict one or more of them by the way rules. We propose an algorithm that (i) is guided by statistical results in a relational geometry where we use assymetrical association ...
    • Modelos minimales de la recta hiperreal 

      Alvarado Jiménez, William (2009-02-18)
      A new proof of the existence of minimal models of the hiperreal line is obtained in terms of a combinatorial property of Ramsey ultrafilters over a countable set.
    • Particiones óptimas: características y calidad de sus aproximaciones 

      Labrèche, Said (2009-02-18)
      In the part, we present a factorial approach for clustering following the least squares criterion, for every choice of the metrics in the individual space. We deduce that the between-clusters inertia has an upper bound ...