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    • El problema del multicubrimiento: una aplicación para la selección de paradas en la red de transporte de la Ciudad de México 

      Gutiérrez Andrade, Miguel Ángel; de los Cobos Silva, Sergio Gerardo; Pérez Salvador, Blanca Rosa; Goddard Close, John (2009-02-20)
      In this paper an heuristic algorithm is developed. Its implementation is developedas well, in order to solve a sampling problem in the urban transportation network in Mexico City. The problem consist of the selection of ...
    • Método heurístico para particionamiento óptimo 

      de los Cobos Silva, Sergio Gerardo; Trejos Zelaya, Javier; Pérez Salvador, Blanca Rosa; Gutiérrez Andrade, Miguel Ángel (2009-02-20)
      Many data analysis problems deal with non supervised partitioning of a data set,in non empty clusters well separated between them and homogeneous within the clusters.An ideal partitioning is obtained when any object can ...