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    • Generadores de números primos y factorizadores de números compuestos 

      Bulat, Mijail; Leon, Dumitru; Bivol, Leon; Ciobanu, Iacob; Zgureanu, Aurel (2009-02-20)
      The sequence of natural numbers presents itself as a multidimensional array. Twoproblems are solved on the basis of these arrays:a) distribution of prime numbers in multidimensional array,b) factoring of composite numbers.For ...
    • Mmds and 2d scattering problem by cylindrical structure with piece-wise smooth boundary 

      Anyutin, Alexander P.; Stasevich, V.I. (2009-02-20)
      An universal modification of the method of discrete sources (MMDS) was appliedfor solving 2D Dirichlet or Neumann boundary problem when the scatterer’s contour isa piece-wise smooth contour. The problems of accuracy, ...
    • Rigidez de una superficie con puntos singulares 

      Chkryl, Elena (2009-02-20)
      The infinitesimal isometric deformations of a type of surface with singular pointsare considered and a sufficient condition of rigidity of such surfaces is demonstrated.Keywords: Surface with singular points, Gauss formula, ...