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    • Fuzzy Regression VS. Ordinary Least Squares Regression: Case Study 

      de los Cobos Silva, Sergio Gerardo; Goddard Close, John; Gutiérrez Andrade, Miguel Ángel (2011-03-18)
      The objective of this paper is to disseminate the technique of fuzzy regression and to give a practical example of its use. To this end, classical regression is compared to several fuzzy regression models on a problem ...
    • Heuristics for the Robust Coloring Problem 

      Gutiérrez Andrade, Miguel Ángel; Lara Velázquez, Pedro; Lopez Bracho, Rafael; Ramírez Rodríguez, Javier (2011-03-18)
      Let $G$ and $\bar{G}$ be complementary graphs. Given a penalty function defined on the edges of $G$, we will say that the rigidity of a $k$-coloring of $G$ is the sum of the penalties of the edges of G joining vertices of ...