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    • Las cuerdas magnéticas 

      Chaves, Max (2009-01-13)
      The conception of the magnetic string is presented; it is an infinitely thin bundle of magnetic flux lines. They are surrounded by a film of current that rotates around them, and are a solution of Maxwell’s equations. Their ...
    • Manejo responsable de los desechos radiactivos en la Universidad de Costa Rica 

      Mora Rodríguez, Patricia; Alfonso, Valera (2009-01-13)
      The Radiation Safety Program (RSP) of the University of Costa Rica established in 1990, handles the radioactive waste generated at the University. A centralized storage waste room is used by the Atomic, Nuclear and Molecular ...
    • Monitoreo ambiental con detectores termoluminiscentes en Costa Rica 

      Mora Rodríguez, Patricia; Mora Ramírez, Erick (2009-01-13)
      Using thermoluminiscent dosimeters (Harshaw TLD-200) the first set of Costa Rica data on absorbed doses in air from natural radiation is obtained. During the period September 1996 through October 2000 eight different sites ...