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    • ENSO‐Influenced Drought Drives Methane Flux Dynamics in a Tropical Wet Forest Soil 

      Aronson, Emma L.; Dierick, Diego; Botthoff, J. K.; Oberbauer, Steven F.; Zelikova, Tamara Jane; Harmon, Thomas C.; Rundel, Philip W.; Johnson, Robert F.; Swanson, Amanda C.; Pinto Tomás, Adrián A.; Artavia León, Allan; Matarrita Carranza, Bernal; Allen, Michael F. (2019)
      Global atmospheric methane growth rates have wildly fluctuated over the past three decades, which may be driven by the proportion of tropical land surface saturated by water. The El Niño/Southern Oscillation Event (ENSO) ...
    • The Role of the Ecosystem Engineer, the Leaf-Cutter Ant Atta cephalotes, on Soil CO2 Dynamics in a Wet Tropical Rainforest 

      Fernandez Bou, Angel Santiago; Dierick, Diego; Swanson, Amanda C.; Allen, Michael F.; Alvarado, Ana Grace Fitzimons; Artavia León, Allan; Carrasquillo Quintana, Odemaris; Lachman, D. A.; Oberbauer, Steven F.; Pinto Tomás, Adrián A.; Rodríguez Reyes, Yorelyz; Rundel, Philip W.; Schwendenmann, Luitgard; Zelikova, Tamara Jane; Harmon, Thomas C. (2019)
      Leaf‐cutter ants are dominant herbivores that disturb the soil and create biogeochemical hot spots. We studied how leaf‐cutter ant Atta cephalotes impacts soil CO2 dynamics in a wet Neotropical forest. We measured soil CO2 ...
    • Welcome to the Atta world: A framework for understanding the effects of leaf‐cutter ants on ecosystem functions 

      Swanson, Amanda C.; Schwendenmann, Luitgard; Allen, Michael F.; Aronson, Emma L.; Artavia León, Allan; Dierick, Diego; Fernandez Bou, Angel Santiago; Harmon, Thomas C.; Murillo Cruz, Catalina; Oberbauer, Steven F.; Pinto Tomás, Adrián A.; Rundel, Philip W.; Zelikova, Tamara Jane (2019)
      1. Leaf‐cutter ants are a prominent feature in Neotropical ecosystems, but a comprehensive assessment of their effects on ecosystem functions is lacking. We reviewed the literature and used our own recent findings to ...