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    • Detection of rickettsiae in fleas and ticks from areas of Costa Rica with history of spotted fever group rickettsioses 

      Troyo Rodríguez, Adriana; Moreira Soto, Rolando Daniel; Calderón Arguedas, Ólger; Mata Somarribas, Carlos; Ortiz Tello, Jusara; Barbieri, Amália R. M.; Avendaño López, Adrián; Vargas Castro, Luis Esteban; Labruna, Marcelo B.; Hun Opfer, Ruchilia Laya; Taylor Castillo, Mayra Lizeth (2016-10)
      Outbreaks of spotted fevers have been reported in Costa Rica since the 1950s, although vectors responsible for transmission to humans have not been directly identified. In this study, species of Rickettsia were detected ...