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    • Proteomic and toxicological profiling of the venom of Bothrocophias campbelli, a pitviper species from Ecuador and Colombia 

      Salazar Valenzuela, David; Mora Obando, Diana; Fernández Montes de Oca, María Laura; Loaiza Lange, Amaru; Gibbs, H. Lisle; Lomonte, Bruno (Toxicon 90, 2014)
      Detailed snake venom proteomes for nearly a hundred species in different pitviper genera have accumulated using ‘venomics’ methodologies. However, venom composition for some lineages remains poorly known. Bothrocophias ...
    • Venom variation in Bothrops asper lineages from north-western South America. 

      Mora Obando, Diana; Salazar Valenzuela, David; Pla Ferrer, Davinia; Lomonte, Bruno; Guerrero Vargas, Jimmy; Ayerbe, Santiago; Gibbs, H. Lisle; Calvete Chornet, Juan José (2020)
      Bothrops asper is a venomous pitviper that is widely distributed and of clinical importance in Mesoamerica and northern South America, where it is responsible for 50–80% of all envenomations by Viperidae species. Previous ...