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    • Medicinal plants with inhibitory properties against snake venoms 

      Soares, Andreimar Martins; Ticli, Fábio K.; Marcussi, Silvana; Lourenço, Miriam V.; Januário, Ana Helena; Sampaio, Suely V.; Giglio, José Roberto; Lomonte, Bruno; Pereira, Paulo S. (2005)
      Envenomations due to snake bites are commonly treated by parenteral administration of horse or sheep-derived polyclonal antivenoms aimed at the neutralization of toxins. However, despite the widespread success of this ...
    • Proteomic analysis of Bothrops pirajai snake venom and characterization of BpirMP, a new P-I metalloproteinase 

      Bernardes, Carolina P.; Menaldo, Danilo L.; Camacho Umaña, Erika; Rosa, José C.; Escalante Muñoz, Teresa; Rucavado Romero, Alexandra; Lomonte, Bruno; Gutiérrez, José María; Sampaio, Suely V.; Rosa, José C. (2013-03-27)
      Bothrops pirajai snake venom was analyzed by a proteomic strategy. Proteins were separated by RP-HPLC, followed by SDS-PAGE, in-gel tryptic digestion, identification by MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometry, and assignment to ...