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    • Epidemiology of human rotavirus types 1 and 2 as studied by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay 

      Yolken, Robert H.; Wyatt, Richard G.; Hisses, George; Brandt, Carld; Rodríguez, William J.; Wha Kim, Hyun; Parrot, Robert H.; Urrutia, Juan José; Mata Jiménez, Leonardo; Greenberg, Harry B.; Kapikian, Albert Z.; Chanock, Robert M. (The New England Journal of Medicine 299:1156-1161, 1978-11-23)
      To determine the relative importance of two known serotypes of human rotavirus, we developed an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay to differentiate serotype-specific rotavirus antigen and antibody. Using this technic, we ...
    • Epidemiology of rotaviruses in a cohort of 45 Guatemalan Mayan Indian children observed from birth to the age of three years 

      Mata Jiménez, Leonardo; Simhon Edgar, Alberto; Urrutia, Juan José; Kronmal, Richard A.; Fernández, Raúl; García, Bertha (The Journal of Infectious Diseases 148(3) 452-461, 1983-09)
      Chort of 45 children was observed from birth to three years of age in their natural ecosystem to determine patterns of infection, morbidity, and growth. Data from enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay analysis for rotavirus ...
    • Infectious agents in acute and chronic diarrhea of chilhood 

      Mata Jiménez, Leonardo; Urrutia, Juan José; Simhon Edgar, Alberto (Chronic diarrea a in children: Raven Press p. 237 - 252, 1984)
      Even today acute diarrheal disease is thought of by many laymen as well as by some medical professionals in developing countries as being a syndrome of alimentary origin. Despite recognition of shigellosis, cholera, ...