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    • Comparison of sucrose with glucose in oral therapy of infant diarrhea 

      Mata Jiménez, Leonardo; Vargas, William; Loría, Alba Rosa; Levine, Myron M.; Lizano, Cecilia; de Céspedes Montealegre, Carlos; Nalin, David R.; Simhon Edgar, Alberto (The Lancet, 312, 277-279, 1978-08)
      In a randomised double-blind trial, 51 5-10% dehydrated infants were rehydrated with oral electrolyte solutions containing sucrose or glucose. Most infants in both groups were successfuUy rehydrated, but the sucrose ...
    • Efficacy comparison of oral rehydration solutions containing either 90 or 75 millimoles of sodium per liter 

      Pizarro Torres, Daniel; Castillo, Bernardita; Posada S., Gloria; Lizano, Cecilia; Mata Jiménez, Leonardo (1987-02-01)
      In a randomized trial, 62 infants 2 to 35 months of age with dehydration due to acute watery diarrhea were allocated to one of two groups: group A received solution A (World Health Organization-recommended oral rehydration ...