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    • Environmental determinants and origins of malnutrition 

      Mata Jiménez, Leonardo (1977)
      The characterization of protein-calorie malnutrition (PCM) more than 30 years ago led to its recognition as a scourge of underdeveloped societies (1). For more than two decades, however, PCM was considered a medical ...
    • How harmful is diarrhoea? 

      Mata Jiménez, Leonardo (1986-04)
      Apart from the physical suffering and deaths that they cause at the individual and family level, diarrhoeal diseases also play a negative role in national development
    • Infections and infectious diseases in a malnourished population: a long-term prospective field study 

      Mata Jiménez, Leonardo; Urrutia, Juan José (1977)
      The importance of infectious disease and its role in the shaping of the history of mankind has been recognized since Biblical times. Pestilences were recorded in many classical books, while most religions developed ...
    • Not just the lack of food 

      Mata Jiménez, Leonardo (1977)
      Whose who are familiar with rural areas of developing nations are often amazed to tind malnourished children in families where food is available in amounts sufficient to ensure an adequate diet. There may seem to be plenty ...