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    • Aprenda a tostar café 

      Vargas Elías, Guillermo Asdrúbal (2018-07-17)
      Este objeto de conferencia muestra la manera ideal de tostar el café, además muestra composición del café, calidad del café y otros aspectos importantes del procesamiento del café.
    • Constant and decreasing periods of pineapple slices dried by infrared 

      Machado Baptestini, Fernanda; Corrêa, Paulo Cesar; de Oliveira, Gabriel Henrique Horta; Januário Almeida, Luís Fernando; Vargas Elías, Guillermo Asdrúbal (2016)
      The aim of the present study is to model the dehydration process of pineapple slices through infrared drying, as well as to determine the critical moisture content and the critical time to the dehydration process. Pineapple ...
    • Kinetics of mass loss of arabica coffee during roasting process 

      Vargas Elías, Guillermo Asdrúbal; Corrêa, Paulo Cesar; De Souza, Natália R.; Baptestini, Fernanda M.; De C. Melo, Evandro (2016-03)
      Roasting is one of the most complex coffee processing steps due to simultaneous transfers of heat and mass. During this process, beans lose mass because of fast physical and chemical changes that will set color and flavor ...
    • Particle size and roasting on water sorption in conilon coffee during storage 

      Corrêa, Paulo Cesar; de Oliveira, Gabriel Henrique Horta; Rodrigues de Oliveira, Ana Paula Lelis; Vargas Elías, Guillermo Asdrúbal; Machado Baptestini, Fernanda (2016)
      The aim of this work was to evaluate alterations on the water sorption of coffee due to the effect of roast, grind and storage in two temperatures (10 and 30 ºC) during 180 days. Crude grain coffee (Coffea canephora) with ...
    • Preservation of roasted and ground coffee during storage. Part 2: Bulk density and intergranular porosit 

      Corrêa, Paulo Cesar; de Oliveira, Gabriel Henrique Horta; Vasconcelos, Wander L.; Vargas Elías, Guillermo Asdrúbal; Santos, Fábio L.; Nunes, Eduardo H. M. (2016-07)
      The determination of physical properties is an important factor in the design of machinery and the scaling of post-harvest operations. The present study evaluates the influence of the level of roasting and the size of ...
    • Propriedades físicas de frutos de café robusta durante a secagem: determinação e modelagem 

      Mendes Botelho, Fernando; Corrêa, Paulo Cesar; Campos Botelho, Sílvia de Carvalho; Vargas Elías, Guillermo Asdrúbal; Silva Diniz Almeida, Mayra Darliane; de Oliveira, Gabriel Henrique Horta (2016-01)
      Objetivou-se, com este trabalho, avaliar a influência do teor de água nas propriedades físicas dos frutos de café da variedade robusta (Coffea canephora), durante a secagem. Foram utilizados frutos de café no estádio de ...
    • Roasting, grinding, and storage impact onthermodynamic properties and adsorptionisotherms of arabica coffee 

      de Oliveira, Gabriel Henrique Horta; Corrêa, Paulo Cesar; Rodrigues de Oliveira, Ana Paula Lelis; Machado Baptestini, Fernanda; Vargas Elías, Guillermo Asdrúbal (2017-04)
      This work aimed to evaluate alterations on the water sorption of coffee due toroast, grind, and storage. Crude grain coffee (Coffea arabica) was roasted at twolevels: medium light and moderately dark. Grain was grinded in ...