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    • Catharanthus roseus (Apocynaceae) naturally infected with diverse phytoplasmas in Costa Rica 

      Villalobos Muller, William; Bottner Parker, Kristi D.; Lee, Ing-Ming; Montero Astúa, Mauricio; Albertazzi Castro, Federico José; Coto Morales, Teresita; Sandoval Carvajal, Izayana; Garita Salazar, Laura Cristina; Moreira Carmona, Lisela (2019-01-30)
      Phytoplasmas (class Mollicutes) are causal agents of plant diseases with an economic impact on crops or threatening local biodiversity. A survey was conducted from 2012 to 2016 on infected Catharanthus roseus plants that ...
    • First Report of Citrus variegation virus in Palestine Sweet Lime, as Coffee Shade in Costa Rica 

      Moreira Carmona, Lisela; Albertazzi Castro, Federico José; Garita Salazar, Laura Cristina; Ortiz Arias, Beatriz; Villalobos Muller, William (2011)
      Symptoms resembling those of Citrus variegation virus (CVV) were observed in old Palestine sweet lime trees (Citrus limettioides Tan.) used as coffee shade in the Central Valley in Costa Rica. The symptoms include leaf ...
    • Genetic Diversity of Xylella fastidiosa Strains from Costa Rica, São Paulo, Brazil, and United States 

      Montero Astúa, Mauricio; Hartung, John; Aguilar Alvarez, Estela Yamileth; Chacón Díaz, Carlos; Li, Wenbin; Albertazzi Castro, Federico José; Rivera Herrero, Carmen (2007-10)
      The diversity of 42 Xylella fastidiosa strains from Costa Rica, São Paulo, Brazil, and the United States were analyzed using the sequence of the 16S rRNA gene by variable number of tandem repeat (VNTR) fragment analysis ...