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    • Bis-naphthopyrone pigments protect filamentous ascomycetes from a wide range of predators 

      Xu, Yang; Viñas Meneses, María; Alsarrag, Albatol; Su, Ling; Pfohl, Katharina; Rohlfs, Marco; Schäfer, Wilhelm; Chen, Wei; Karlovsky, Petr (2019-08-08)
      It is thought that fungi protect themselves from predation by the production of compounds that are toxic to soil-dwelling animals. Here, we show that a nontoxic pigment, the bisnaphthopyrone aurofusarin, protects Fusarium ...
    • High-Resolution Melting (HRM) Curve Assay for the Identification of Eight Fusarium Species Causing Ear Rot in Maize 

      Schiwek, Simon; Beule, Lukas; Viñas Meneses, María; Pfordt, Annette; von Tiedemann, Andreas; Karlovsky, Petr (2020)
      Maize plants are often infected with fungal pathogens of the genus Fusarium. Taxonomic characterization of these species bymicroscopic examination of pure cultures or assignment to mating populations is time-consuming ...
    • Lignans of sesame (Sesamum indicum L.): A comprehensive review 

      Andargie, Mebeaselassie; Viñas Meneses, María; Rathgeb, Anna; Möller, Evelyn; Karlovsky, Petr (2021-02-07)
      Major lignans of sesame sesamin and sesamolin are benzodioxol–substituted furofurans. Sesamol, sesaminol, its epimers, and episesamin are transformation products found in processed products. Synthetic routes to all lignans ...