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    • Effects of coffee processing residues on anaerobic microorganisms and corresponding digestion performance 

      Rojas Sossa, Juan Pablo; Murillo Roos, Mariana; Uribe Lorío, Lidieth; Uribe Lorío, Lorena; Marsh, Terence; Larsen, Niels; Chen, Rui; Miranda Chavarría, José Alberto; Solís Ramírez, Kattia; Rodríguez Montero, Werner; Kirk, Dana; Liao, Wei (2017)
      The objective of this study was to delineate the effects of different coffee processing residues on the anaerobic microbes and corresponding digestion performance. The results elucidated that mucilage-rich feed enhanced ...
    • Responses of anaerobic microorganisms to different culture conditions and corresponding effects on biogas production and solid digestate quality 

      Chen, Rui; Murillo Roos, Mariana; Zhong, Yuan; Marsh, Terence; Bustamante Román, Mauricio; Hernández Ascencio, Walter Ismael; Uribe Lorío, Lidieth; Uribe Lorío, Lorena; Kirk, Dana; Reinhold, Dawn Marie; Miranda Chavarría, José Alberto; Baudrit Ruiz, Daniel; Aguilar Pereira, José Francisco; Rodríguez Montero, Werner; Srivastava, Ajit; Liao, Wei (2016)
      Microbial communities of anaerobic digestion have been intensively investigated in the past decades. Majority of these studies focused on correlating microbial diversity with biogas production. The relationship between ...