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    • Biology of the papaya plant 

      Jiménez García, Víctor; Mora Newcomer, Eric; Gutiérrez Soto, Marco Vinicio (2014-01-01)
      The papaya plant (Carica papaya L.) has been described with a large variety of adjectives, which acknowledge the structural and functional complexity and the high phenotypic plasticity of this giant tropical herb (León ...
    • Morpho-physiological monitoring of oil palms (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) affected by spear rots (PC). 

      Torres Acuña, Joaquín; Gutiérrez Soto, Marco Vinicio; Chinchilla López, Carlos Manuel (2015)
      The morphology, growth and physiology of oil palms (Elaeis guineensis Jacq., Deli x Nigeria variety) was characterized at different stages of development of the condition known as ‘dry spear’ or FS (for ‘flecha seca’ in ...