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    • Rediscovering the value of families for psychiatric genetics research 

      Glahn, David C.; Nimgaonkar, Vishwajit L.; Raventós Vorst, Henriette; Contreras Rojas, Javier; McIntosh, Andrew M.; Thomson, Pippa A.; Jablensky, Assen; McCarthy, Nina S.; Charlesworth, Jac C.; Blackburn, Nicholas B.; Peralta, Juan Manuel; Knowles, Emma; Mathias, Samuel R.; Ament, Seth A.; McMahon, Francis J.; Gur, Ruben C.; Bucan, Maja; Curran, Joanne E.; Almasy, Laura; Gur, Raquel E.; Blangero, John (2018-06-28)
      As it is likely that both common and rare genetic variation are important for complex disease risk, studies that examine the full range of the allelic frequency distribution should be utilized to dissect the genetic ...