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    • Climate and Climate Variability in the Arenal River Basin of Costa Rica 

      Amador Astúa, Jorge Alberto; Chacón Mora, Rafael; Laporte Molina, Sadí (2003-01)
      This work examines some of the effects of climate and climate variability in the Arenal River basin of Costa Rica, the site of the largest hydropower complex in the country. The Arenal system, which drains part of the ...
    • Climate change, ecosystems and smallholder agriculture in Central America: an introduction to the special issue 

      Imbach, Pablo; Beardsley, Megan; Bouroncle Seoane, Claudia; Medellin, Claudia Patricia; Läderach, Peter; Hidalgo León, Hugo G.; Alfaro Martínez, Eric J.; van Etten, Jacob; Allan, Robert; Hemming, Debbie; Stone, Roger; Hannah, Lee; Donatti, Camila I. (2017-03)
      Central America is one of the regions most exposed to climate change (Giorgi 2006). A narrow isthmus between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, it is strongly affected by droughts, hurricanes and the El Niño-southern ...
    • Climate Change, Growth, and California Wildfire 

      Westerling, Anthony LeRoy; Bryant, B. P.; Preisler, Haiganoush K.; Hidalgo León, Hugo G.; Das, Tapash; Sudhir Raj Shrestha (2009-03)
      Large wildfire occurrence and burned area are modeled using hydroclimate and landsurface characteristics under a range of future climate and development scenarios. The range of uncertainty for future wildfire regimes is ...