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    • Dye‐sensitized Devices: Photovoltaic and Photoelectrolytic Applications 

      Solera Rojas, José Andrés; Ledezma Gairaud, Marisol; Pineda Cedeño, Leslie William (2018-11)
      Dye‐sensitized approach along with stability and surface robustness in titanium dioxide (TiO2) against photocorrosion and degradation has been widely studied and applied in several important applications. This chapter ...
    • Harnessing titanium dioxide surface toward novel functional materials 

      Solera Rojas, José Andrés; Rapp, Christin K.; Rivera Martínez, M. Cinthya; Pineda Cedeño, Leslie William (2015)
      The ever-increasing worldwide energy consumption has led the society to quest for novel and functional materials that can be used in the development of solar fuels to some extent lessen the dependence on fossil fuels. In ...