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    • Eastern Pacific Coral Reef Provinces, Coral Community Structure and Composition: An Overview 

      Glynn, Peter W.; Alvarado Barrientos, Juan José; Banks, Stuart; Cortés Núñez, Jorge; Feingold, Joshua S.; Jiménez, Carlos E.; Maragos, James E.; Martínez, Priscilla; Maté Touriño, Juan Laurentino; Moanga, Diana A.; Navarrete, Sergio A.; Reyes Bonilla, Héctor; Riegl, Bernhard; Rivera, Fernando; Vargas Ángel, Bernardo; Wieters, Evie A.; Zapata, Fernando A. (2017)
      Advances in our knowledge of eastern tropical Pacific (ETP) coral reef biogeography and ecology during the past two decades are briefly reviewed. Fifteen ETP subregions are recognized, including mainland and island localities ...
    • Gastropods and bivalves taken as by-catch in the deep-water shrimp trawl-fishery along the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Central America 

      Villalobos Rojas, Fresia; Azofeifa Solano, Juan Carlos; Camacho García, Yolanda E.; Wehrtmann, Ingo S. (2017)
      Deep-water habitats are among the least studied but most vulnerable environments. By-catch data from deep-water fisheries in Latin America are limited, and detailed reports on associated molluscs are scarce. This study ...
    • Hierarchical spatial patterns in Caribbean reef benthic assemblages 

      Williams, Stacey M.; Chollett, Iliana; Roff, George; Cortés Núñez, Jorge; Dryden, Charlie S.; Mumby, Peter J. (2015)
      Aim: Coral assemblages on Caribbean reefs have largely been considered to be biogeographically homogeneous at a regional scale. We reassess this in three taxa (corals, sponges and octocorals) using three community attributes ...