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    • Periodization Model for Costa Rican Taekwondo Athletes 

      Carazo Vargas, Pedro; González Ravé, José María; Newton, Robert U.; Moncada Jiménez, José (2015-06)
      The purpose of this article is to describe the conditioning of elite taekwondo competitors based on the block-periodized training model. this model of periodization has been used by the Costa Rican National Taekwondo Team ...
    • Physical fitness with the ball 

      Sibaja Quesada, Luis Roberto (International Journal of Soccer and Science, Vol. 3 No 1 2005, p. 3-12, 2005)
      Physical fitness with the ball is one of the most important modern methods in present day soccer. In the past, most of the physical work was executed without the support of the most important element of the match, the ...