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    • Cross-Cultural Differences in the Valuing of Dominance by Young Children 

      Charafeddine, Rawan; Mercier, Hugo; Yamada, Takahiro; Matsui, Tomoko; Sudo, Mioko; Germain, Patrick; Bernard, Stéphane; Castelain, Thomas; Van der Henst, Jean-Baptiste (2019)
      Developmental research suggests that young children tend to value dominant individuals over subordinates. This research, however, has nearly exclusively been carried out in Western cultures, and cross-cultural research ...
    • Japanese preschoolers’ evaluation of circular and non-circular arguments 

      Mercier, Hugo; Sudo, Mioko; Castelain, Thomas; Bernard, Stéphane; Matsui, Tomoko (2017-09)
      Observational and experimental data have revealed that preschoolers possess some argumentation skills, both in the production and the evaluation of arguments. However, these skills might have been fostered by the particular ...