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    • Reasoning from transitive premises: An EEG study 

      Bonnefond, Mathilde; Castelain, Thomas; Cheylus, Anne; Van der Henst, Jean-Baptiste (2014)
      Neuroimaging studies have contributed to a major advance in understanding the neural and cognitive mechanisms underpinning deductive reasoning. However, the dynamics of cognitive events associated with inference making ...
    • The boss is always right: Preschoolers endorse the testimony of a dominant over that of a subordinate 

      Bernard, Stéphane; Castelain, Thomas; Mercier, Hugo; Kaufmann, Laurence; Van der Henst, Jean-Baptiste; Clément, Fabrice (2016-12)
      Recent research has shown that young children rely on social cues to evaluate testimony. For instance, they prefer to endorse testimony provided by a consensual group than by a single dissenter. Given that dominance is ...
    • The influence of power and reason on young Maya children's endorsement of testimony 

      Castelain, Thomas; Bernard, Stéphane; Van der Henst, Jean-Baptiste; Mercier, Hugo (2015-09-09)
      Two important parenting strategies are to impose one's power and to use reasoning. The effect of these strategies on children's evaluation of testimony has received very little attention. Using the epistemic vigilance ...