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dc.creatorVásquez Donoso, Consuelo
dc.creatorMarroquín Velásquez, Lissette
dc.creatorÁngel Botero, Adriana María
dc.description.abstractThis article presents a critical review of organizational communication scholarship in Latin America to explore its distinctive traits. Combining J. Marques de Melo’s (1999) features of Latin American communication studies with Anglo-American frameworks of organizational communication, it offers a systematic mapping of Latin American organizational communication scholarship by focussing on the major trends of the academic production in peer-reviewed journals from 2010 to 2014. The results show that there are subtle but consistent signs of a Latin American approach to organizational communication regarding theoretical miscegenation and the ethics and political commitment of the researcher. This is mainly manifested in the practical orientation of research and the growing interest in documenting and intervening in local organizational realities.es_ES
dc.rightsCC0 1.0 Universal*
dc.sourceCommunication Theory, 28(2):155-179es_ES
dc.subjectLatin American Organizational Communicationes_ES
dc.subjectBibliometric studyes_ES
dc.subjectLatin american traditiones_ES
dc.subjectCommunication theoryes_ES
dc.subjectDe-westernization of communication studieses_ES
dc.titleIn Search of a Latin American Approach to Organizational Communication: A Critical Review of Scholarship (2010–2014)es_ES
dc.title.alternativeEn busca de un enfoque latinoamericano de la comunicaciónorganizacional: una revisión crítica de la producciónacadémica de 2010 a 2014es_ES
dc.title.alternativeEm busca de uma abordagem latino-americana paracomunicação organizacional: Uma revisão crítica da pesquisaem comunicação organizacional na América Latina entre2010-2014es_ES
dc.typeartículo científicoes_ES
dc.description.procedenceUCR::Vicerrectoría de Investigación::Unidades de Investigación::Ciencias Sociales::Centro de Investigación en Comunicación (CICOM)es_ES
dc.description.procedenceUCR::Vicerrectoría de Docencia::Ciencias Sociales::Facultad de Ciencias Sociales::Escuela de Ciencias de la Comunicación Colectivaes_ES

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