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    • Sobre los números de Hal y Lah 

      Piza Volio, Eduardo (2009-02-20)
      In this article we study some properties concerning the Hal (H kn ) and Lah numbers(Lkn ), which are those that arise in the theory of combinatorics in association with the‘upward and downward factorial polynomials’ [x]n ...
    • Sobre una construcción de un monoide libre con identidad sobre un topos E con el objeto de los números naturales 

      Acuña Ortega, Osvaldo (2013-04-04)
      We proved that the free moniod with identify in X isM(X)= R \in \Omega^{NxNxX/R} es funcional y \_n \in N dom R=(n)} -----> ix  \Omega^{NxNxX/R}.
    • Some Aspects in n-dimensional almost Periodic functions iii 

      Arguedas Troyo, Vernor; Castro Fernández, Edwin (2011-04-29)
      The properties of almost periodical functions and some new results have been published in [CA1], [CA2] and [CA3] In this paper we show some new definitions in order to analize some singularities. For this functions we find ...
    • Some Ornstein-Uhlenbeck potentials for the one-dimensional Schrödinger operator part II: position-dependent drift 

      Cambronero, Santiago (2009-02-20)
      Se considera el operador de Schr¨odinger en el c´?rculo unitario, con un potencial detipo Ornstein – Uhlenbeck, cuyo factor tendencial depende de la posici´on. Se describela distribuci´on del primer valor propio peri´odico, ...
    • Some properties and inequalities related to the kth inverse moment of a positive binomial variate 

      Arias López, Rodrigo; Garrido, José (2009-02-19)
       We present some known properties of bk(n, p) the kth inverse moment of a positive binomial variate. Additional properties of this function and new bounds are derived. Keywords:  Probability, statistics, life contingencies, ...
    • Spatial interpolation of dry deposition using EOF models 

      Muñoz Hernández, Breda (2009-02-19)
      Random processes are monitored over space and time by a network of stations distributed across a spatial region. Auxiliary information is often gathered not only at the stations but at other points across the region. The ...
    • Special software for computing the special functions of wave catastrophes 

      Kryukovsky, Andrey S.; Lukin, Dmitry S.; Rogachev, Sergey V. (2015-01-01)
      The method of ordinary differential equations in the context of calculating the special functions of wave catastrophes is considered. Complementary numerical methods and algorithms are described. The paper shows approaches ...
    • Stadis dual: software y análisis de datos reales 

      Castillo Elizondo, William; González Varela, Jorge (2009-02-18)
      We present a computational implementation in MATHEMATICA of the dual Statis method and we use the method for the growth analysis of some kind of sugar cane.Keywords: multivariate date analysis, MATHEMATICA, multiple tables, ...
    • Structural Change Analysis in Linear Regression Model. 

      Pérez Salvador, Blanca Rosa; García Salazar, María Guadalupe (2010-07-02)
      Assuming that the observations are from normal distribution we obtain de distribution of the maximum likelihood ratio test if there is a change in the parameters at an unknown time and we find the maximum likehood estimators ...
    • Submartingalas finitas, teoremas de convergencia y métodos no standard 

      Lobo Segura, Jaime (2012-03-29)
      Se examinan dos teoremas clásicos de convergencia de submartingalas en tiempo discreto, los de convergencia casi segura y en L^1, usando los métodos del análisis no standard. Se realiza para ello un estudio previo sobre ...

      Rosales Ortega, José (2014-07-01)
      In this article we study the basic facts about superior order G-structures, then we show that the set of infinitesimally automorphisms of a geometric G-structure is a closed Lie group. 
    • Supplemental data acquisition tools for modeling environmental systems 

      Steidley, Carl W.; Bachnak, Rafic; Sadovski, Alexey (2009-02-20)
      The goal of our on-going research is to develop effective and reliable tools formodeling the environmental systems of the Gulf of Mexico. For example, our on-goingresearch into methodologies for the prediction of water ...
    • Symmetry orbits and their data-analytic properties 

      Viana, Marlos A.G. (2013-08-29)
      The concept of data indexed by finite symmetry orbits is reviewed within the data-analytic framework of symmetry studies. Data decompositions are discussed in terms of canonical projections and Plancherel’s formulas, and ...

      Chávez Bosquez, Oscar; Pozos Parra, Pilar; Gómez Ramos, José Luis (2015-01-01)
      The aspiration criterion is an imperative element in the Tabu Search, with aspiration-by-default and the aspiration-by-objective the mainly used criteria in the literature. In this paper a new aspiration criterion is ...
    • Teoría de nudos geométricos e isotopía poligonal 

      Calvo Soto, Jorge Alberto (2009-02-19)
      The space of n-sided polygons embedded in euclidean three-space consists of a smoothmanifold in which points correspond to piecewise linear or “geometric” knots, while pathscorrespond to isotopies which preserve the geometric ...
    • Term Structure of Interest Rates 

      Stradi, Benito A. (2012-03-02)
      The risk free rate on bonds is a very important quantity that allows calculation of premium values on bonds. This quantity of stochastic nature has been modeled with different degrees of sophistication. This paper reviews ...
    • The Black-Scholes type financial models and the arbitrage opportunities 

      Sukhomlin, Nikolay (2009-02-25)
      By using the conservation laws concept, we study certain financial models similar tothe Black–Scholes model. We show that without complement limitations such modelscan have two or more volatilities. This fact imposes several ...
    • The BPS preconditioner on Beowulf cluster 

      Salas Huertas, Oscar; Marazzina, Daniele; Rovida, Sergio; Sacchi, Giovanni; Scacchi, Simone (2009-02-27)
      This work presents the implementation on a Linux Cluster of a parallel preconditionerfor the solution of the linear system resulting from the finite element discretizationof a 2D second order elliptic boundary value problem. ...
    • The Combinatorial ANT System for Dynamic Combinatorial Optimization Problems 

      Aguilar, Jose (2012-03-22)
      In this paper is presented a distributed algorithm based on Ant System concepts,called Combinatorial Ant System, to solve dynamic combinatorial optimization problems. Our approach consists of mapping the solution space of ...
    • The Decreasing digits and the a, b, c Model: A Proposal for Handling Populations in Shelters 

      García G., María J.; Hernández R., José G.; Hernández G., Gilberto J. (2011-03-18)
      Happened a catastrophe, some one of the impacted population should their move from its homes, toward refuges or shelters. To guarantee the essential services in the shelter, it is necessary to know the population size that ...