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    • La ecuación de Navier-Stokes y multifractales 

      Mercado Escalante, José Roberto (2009-02-25)
      There is currently no general theorem on the existence and unicity of solutions tothe Navier-Stokes equation, which describes the flow of a viscous and incompressiblefluid. This is an open problem at the international ...
    • Métodos de punto interior para optimización cuadrática convexa con matrices no definidas positivas 

      Palencia F., Gonzalo; Hing C., Rosina; Rojas C., Mariledy; Medina S., Denysde (2009-02-25)
      In this article a modification of the recursive algorithm of Cholesky is obtainedthat allows the factorization of Semi Definite Positive Matrices, even though theseare not positive defined, without increasing the computational ...
    • Nautelia: sistema automatizado para el ruteo náutico meteorológico 

      Cordero Hernández, Yovany; Fernández Castillo, Karelia; Baguer Díaz-Romañach, Marta L.; Calnick, Anneris; Borrajeros, Israel (2009-02-25)
      For the captain of a ship, it is very important to have a proposal of the routethat allows him to reach the desired destiny as soon as possible, taking into accountweather conditions. In order to find such a route a former ...