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    • K-finite objects and decidability 

      Acuña Ortega, Osvaldo (2014-01-01)
      We study the k-finite and decidable objects in an elementary topos. We prove some results concerning k-finite and decidable objects.  
    • Location of police cars for public surveillance using two multicriteria models 

      García G., María J.; Hernández, Gilberto; Hernández R., José G. (2014-04-03)
      The criminal boom in some Latin-American cities obliges the increment of patrols and policemen. Sadly they do not there sufficient vehicles to locate in all the places candidates. In the location of patrols, there are many ...
    • On the design of membranes with increasing fundamental frequency 

      González De Paz, Raúl B. (2014-04-03)
        By means of a relaxation approach, we study the shape design of a stiff inclusion with given area in a membrane in order to maximize its fun- damental frequency. As an eigenvalue control problem, the fundamental frequency ...
    • The traveling salesman problem: a deterministic algorithm using tabu search 

      López, Erasmo; Salas Huertas, Oscar; Murillo Fernández, Álex (2014-04-03)
      We implement an algorithm corresponding to the Taboo Search method, called EraDeterministic, experimenting with the basic algorithm that ex- plores the search space and incorporating the diversification as strategy to ...