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    • Historia del campo geomagnético de Costa Rica 

      Páez, Jorge E.; Jiménez, M.; Leandro, German (2011-02-15)
      The study of the geomagnetic field began with the publication of the book De Magnete (1600) of Sir William Gilbert (1504-1603). By influence of Sir Edmund Halley the British Marine is obligated to make measurements of the ...
    • Niveles de radioactividad en tres regiones de Costa Rica 

      Mora Rodríguez, Patricia (2011-02-15)
      The establishment of the first radioactivity levels of natural radiation was carried out during the period 1991 to 1994 in three different regions of Costa Rica. The radionuclides studied belong to different soil types ...
    • Punto fijo una teoría interdisciplinaria 

      Azofeifa Z., Carlos E. (2011-02-15)
      We show a survey of the theory of the fixed point by commenting the most important theorems and their applications in the mathematical fields as well as in other disciplines: economy, theory of games and optimization. We ...