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dc.creatorRivera C., Andrea Melissa
dc.descriptionBackground: Dental fluorosis is a widespread condition of the enamel, which occurs systemically when fluoride is consumed in excess of the recommended dose and may be a significant concern for the patient. Fluorosed enamel is characterized by white opaque lines in mild cases, are so fine that they resemble shadows of lines drawn with a pencil and can be perceived clearly by drying the enamel surface. In severe cases irregular opaque white to brown spots appear, this requires that patients with this problem apply composite resin restorations, porcelain veneers, whitening and micro abrasions. Methods: A 10 year female patient presents severe fluorosis, mottled brown and marked porosity in the maxillary central incisors and mandibular central and lateral incisors. It is decided to apply a resin rolled with micro hybrid composite resin. Results: coffee-brown stains were removed with a conservative preparation of enamel, with improved dental and psychological condition of the patient. Conclusions: resin laminates are an aesthetic choice in conservative treatment of in the anterior teeth with fluorosis. There improve both the appearance of anterior teeth as well as social relationship. The use of micro hybrid composites result in resistance to wear and abrasion, its polish is of good quality and a variety of colors can be used for less monochromatic teeth appearance. es-ES
dc.publisherUniversidad de Costa Ricaen-US
dc.rightsCopyright (c) 2014 Odovtosen-US
dc.sourceOdovtos International Journal of Dental Sciences; No 12 (2010): Odovtos No.12 (2010); 63-67es-ES
dc.sourceOdovtos - International Journal of Dental Sciences; No 12 (2010): Odovtos No.12 (2010); 63-67en-US
dc.titleLaminados de resina: Opción estética para dientes con fluorosis dental severa. Reporte de un casoes-ES
dc.typeartículo científico

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