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    • Design Challenges for Reconnecting in Later Life: A Qualitative Study 

      Ibarra, Francisco; Kowalik, Grzegorz; Baez, Marcos; Nielek, Radosław; Lau Sánchez, Norma Celina; Cernuzzi, Luca; Casati, Fabio (2018-05-31)
      Friendships and social interactions are renown contributors to wellbeing. As such, keeping a healthy amount of relationships becomes very important as people age and the size of their social network tends to decrease. ...
    • Potentially inadequate medications in elderly people of los Guidos-Costa Rica, 2018 

      Jiménez, Luis A.; Lau Sánchez, Norma Celina (2018)
      Elderly people due to their physical and mental conditions, receive medications with the intention of improving their quality of life but it is not always right. Methodology: the objective of this observational and descriptive ...