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    • Exposure to N-nitrosamines and other risk factors for gastric cancer in Costa Rican children 

      Sierra Ramos, Rafaela; Ohshima, Hiroshi; Muñoz Calero, Nubia; Teuchmann, Sibylle; Peña, Salvador; Malaveille, Christian; Pignatelli, Brigitte; Chinnock Mc'Neil, Anne Eliza; El Ghissassi, F.; Chen, C.; Hautefeuille, A.; Gamboa Cerda, Cecilia; Bartsch, Helmut (1991-04-01)
      The hypothesis that endogenous chemical nitrosation in the normal stomach in early life could play a crucial role in inducing chronic atrophic gastritis/intestinal metaplasia in later life was tested by applying the ...