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    • Verteporfin targeting YAP1/TAZ-TEAD transcriptional activity inhibits the tumorigenic properties of gastric cancer stem cells 

      Giraud, Julie; Molina Castro, Silvia Elena; Seeneevassen, Lornella; Sifré, Elodie; Izotte, Julien; Tiffon, Camille; Staedel, Cathy; Boeuf, Hélène; Fernandez, Solène; Barthelemy, Philippe; Mégraud, Francis; Lehours, Philippe; Dubus, Pierre; Varon, Christine (2019)
      Gastric carcinomas (GC) are heterogeneous tumors, composed of a subpopulation of cluster of differentiation-44 (CD44)+ tumorigenic and chemoresistant cancer stem cells (CSC). YAP1 and TAZ oncoproteins (Y/T) interact with ...