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    • The cag Pathogenicity Island of Helicobacter pylori is Disrupted in the Majority of Patient Isolates from Different Human Populations 

      Farhana, Kauser; Khan, Aleem A.; Hussain, M. Abid; Carroll, Ian M.; Ahmad, Naheed; Tiwari, Santosh; Shouche, Yogesh; Das, Bimal; Alam, Mahfooz; Ali, S. Mahaboob; Habibullah, C.M.; Sierra Ramos, Rafaela; Mégraud, Francis; Sechi, Leonardo A.; Ahmed, Niyaz (Journal of Clinical Microbiology, 42(11), p. 5302-5308, 2004-11)
      The cag pathogenicity island (cag-PAI) is one of the major virulence determinants of Helicobacter pylori. The chromosomal integrity of this island or the lack thereof is speculated to play an important role in the progress ...