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    • Novel Mutations in the MYOC/GLC1A Gene in a Large Group of Glaucoma Patients 

      Michels Rautenstrauss, Karin G.; Mardin, Christian Y.; Nina, Wakili; Jünemann, Anselm M.; Villalobos, Luis; Mejía, Carlos Amando; Chavarría Soley, Gabriela; Azofeifa Navas, Jorge; Özbey, Sevinc; OH Naumann, Gottfried; Reis, André; Rautenstrauss, Bernd (Human Mutant ion 20 (6): 479-484, 2002)
      Mutations at the myocflin (MYOC) gene within the GLC1A locus have been revealed in 2- 4% of patients suffering primary open angle glaucoma (POAG) worldwide. In our ongoing glaucoma study sixhundred eighty two persons ...